Alyssa Sheinmel


The Castle School for Troubled Girls by author Alyssa B. Sheinmel

Coming March 2021

The Castle School (for Troubled Girls)

When Moira Dreyfuss’s parents announce that they’re sending her to an all-girls boarding school deep in the Maine woods, Moira isn’t fooled. She knows her parents are punishing her because she’s been so much trouble since her best friend, Nathan, died—and for a while before that.

At the Castle School, isolated from the rest of the world, Moira is expected to pour her heart out to the strange headmaster, Dr. Prince. But she isn’t interested in getting over Nathan’s death or befriending her fellow students.

On her first night at her new school, Moira hears distant music. On her second, she discovers the lock on her window is broken. On her third, she and her roommate venture outside…and learn they’re not so isolated after all. There’s another very different Castle School nearby—this one filled with boys whose parents sent them away, too.

Moira knows something isn’t right about the Castle School—about either of them. But uncovering the truth behind the schools’ secrets will force Moira to confront the real reasons her parents sent her away.

Praise for The Castle School (for Troubled Girls)

A slow-burn mystery that hooked me from page one. I couldn’t stop reading until I had every single answer.
– Francesca Zappia, award-winning author of Made You Up and Eliza and Her Monsters

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